Our 3 Pillars 

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newham athletics young run
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Physical Development
Athletics Skills
This calls on such behavioural qualities as a good work ethic, good manners, commitment, perseverence, and humility.   We will expect athletes to turn up on time, wear the right clothing, bring the right drink, encourage their peers and follow instructions when given, to name but a few examples.  

We will help them to overcome disapointment and nurture their competitive skills. The athlete's development depends on such qualities and we expect your support in helping them to develop them.  
As well as helping to develop those skills easily identifiable in athletics, we recognise the importance of developing those skills that are not so easily identifiable but yet are so important in the development of the young athlete.

It starts with learning to move well.  We will teach and challenge the athletes to perform a broad range of movement skills, that will develop their strength, mobility and stability.    
Depending on the athlete's readiness, we will teach the complete athletics experience.  We do this through a multi events programme   - they  run, throw, and jump. 

England Athletics Athletics 365 coaching programme provides a broad structure of the content taught.  

Fundamental movement skills and physical competence gained early in life have a major impact on the future development and participation of the individual (SportsCoach UK).